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Crist "Cristography 1986-1988'" tape


the third of the labels 80's Yugoslavian punk reissues, the discography of the legendary Belgrade's hardcore punk band Crist. This tape contains 18 tracks of over 60 Minutes length, professionally remastered by the band's bassist Gvido Obradović of the No Profit tapes and records. This is the press of 175 professionally duplicated tapes with silver pad print available in sea blue, red and grey colours, each tape comes with the handmade cut'n'paste A5 14-page zine/booklet which includes dozens of rare photos, flyers, art and more, approved by the band members. „Cristography“includes all the band's line ups, featuring past and future members of Necrophilia, Arhivska Zabava, Brainstorm, Urbana Gerila and even Laibach. Crist's musical influences range from Hüsker Dü (1st demo) and Amebix (2nd demo) to Nuclear Assault and Slayer (3rd and 4th demo), but as every 80's YUHC outfit, they had their own distinctive sound. Crist toured Yugoslavia and Europe in the late 80's and shared the stage with the fellow punx Quod Massacre, Kud Idijoti, C.Z.D., Tožibabe, Carcass and Ripcord.